Give me an Ad hold the onions

Ads. I thought we all hated them! Sure every now and then a fun, funny, or cool commercial will come along, but the repetition of commercials quickly cures us. Ads these days aren’t what they used to be though! We’re past the good days of one size fits all. We live in times of custom […]

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Optimize Me

SO much to do, so little time!  I find my self sometimes wishing the Earth’s revolution was a bit slower as to allow extra hours in the day!  No time to wait around for that to happen though. Between all the hobbies, interests, work, and of course time with family and friends, there seems never […]

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Good Games

I love gaming.  I love to try new games.  This is a record of games I like, with scoring 1-100.  I don’t mean this to be a comprehensive review of the games, so don’t justify my scores. My hopes is that someone will agree with some of my scores, and be tempted to try out […]

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Back pain and recovery

I’m the type of person who dreams. But I also think, What good are dreams if you don’t live them? That’s my philosophy, but this one particular dream backfired. At 6ft tall, I’m your fairly average guy. One of my dreams is to be able to dunk a basketball. At my height, that isn’t so […]

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US visa application for spouse

Background Applying for my wife’s US visa to immigrate to the USA has been a long, difficult, and frustrating experience.  I write this post in the hopes of helping someone in similar shoes. I met my wife during my Peace Corps in El Salvador. We got married in El Salvador. After my service was done, […]

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Hello world!

Okay, so instead of deleting this Hello World post, I decided to go ahead and leave it. So hello friends, family, and strangers!  I hope you enjoy my posts, and that some of you will find them useful or fun! Thanks for visiting!

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