Give me an Ad hold the onions

Ads. I thought we all hated them! Sure every now and then a fun, funny, or cool commercial will come along, but the repetition of commercials quickly cures us. Ads these days aren’t what they used to be though! We’re past the good days of one size fits all. We live in times of custom […]

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Developer Conference Reviews

Going to conferences is an important part of a Software Engineer’s recipe for success. In the USA, there are so many choices, and very little information on which are worth going to or discussion of what those conferences are like. I will attempt to fill in a few blanks by describing, reviewing, comparing and rating […]

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Password Management

Passwords have become part of our everyday life.  They are necessary to protect our data and privacy.  As with all security related issues though, safety and ease of use are at two sides of the spectrum, and unfortunately most people opt for ease of use in choosing simple passwords they can remember. There is however, […]

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